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A team of professionals with specific competences creates spaces and objects, from the interior design of homes and yachts, to products with complex design. Strategies for effective communication in architectural and graphic languages, telling identity and values of each project

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With specific competencies ranging from interior design to products of complex design. We are a team of professionals with different skills and experiences, working creatively and synergistically to turn ideas into unique and customized realities.
The interaction of the various professional skills allows us to develop at 360 degrees every aspect of the design, from the concept idea, to the artistic direction and the full realization “turnkey”

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of spaces and design objects, creating and coordinating all work stages, from the first designs to the executive and artistic direction of the yard. We operate in different scenarios, cohesively by the research in aesthetics and functionality, in a territory of contamination that offers transversal and creative design keys.
We use different production methodologies, that we finalize to generate the best results in the area of interior design, industrial design and yacht design.

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we reach the intended objectives, we focus design and execution methodologies on the final result. We develop even complex thematics, we find functional, original and unique solutions, we work on different project layers, from the strategic one to the creative and artistic one. We entrust the realization of our projects to qualified manpower and suppliers, we supervise every production step ensuring results in line with the customer requirements.

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Interior design | Design | Graphic | Art director

Art director of ADIdesign studio, specializes in the design, restructuring and furnishing of interiors for private residences and public spaces with users such as commercial areas, offices and medical specialists. Her expertise will extend to product design to the interior design for the sailing yachts and motor yachts.

Graduated from Politecnico di Milano with the title of Dott.ssa Magistrale in Design degli Interni, she is a creative and multifaceted figure, capable of creating emotional and custom scenarios .
Her passion for design and the attention to details, the ability to put in strategic relationship materials, colors, lights and accessories, are the components to create a unique atmosphere that make up the levers of design innovation.

Collaborating with highly skilled artisans to find new forms of expression, she coordinates all project phases up to the yard art direction.
Enrolled to AIPI, register of interior designers, she is responsible for training at universities and public bodies, relating courses on the history of design and on design themes.


Interior design | Design of complementary furniture | Art director

Founder of ADIdesign study, she worked for more than forty years in architecture and interior custom furnishing.

She started her career as interior designer in the studio and showroom Frigerio in Milan; she collaborated with architects and designers protagonists of the scenery of the Italian design history, such as Mario Botta, Vico Magistretti, Nanda Vigo and Achille Castiglioni.
Professor of art history in high schools in Milan, she has lived the contamination between the world of art and that of design in a time of great change.

Target objective of her profession is the research and the claim of the role of Interior Designer to create projects where functions and emotions are constantly changing, following at the same time the basic rules of design and current trends.
Enrolled to AIPI, register of interior designers, she is present in graduation sessions at the Politecnico di Milano, in the degree course of Interior Design.


Yacht design | Project management | Engineering and development | Yard direction

Specializing in yacht design and product engineering, he has worked for more than twenty years in the context of industrial design and in the definition of products of complex nature, from design to the executive implementation.

The experience in sailing with different types of boats, from small boats to large yachts, and the experience accumulated in the various international racing circuits, are the reflection of an innate passion for the world of sailing that drives the design work from the beginning of his career.

The studies followed in aerospace engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, are the foundations on which he developed the passion and experience in research, design, use of fluid dynamics and the use of new manufacturing technologies applied to design.
The ability to use the latest generation of materials and production methods is applied in the nautical field, automotive, and industrial design of the product, both in the realization of unique exemplary, both in serial production.

He is able to develop and supervise the prototyping of different nature objects, using various technologies, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

The work of yacht designer, and the overall strategic vision of the project until the development of detail, brings him in constant search of new relationships between aesthetics and function.
Knowledge of nautical tradition and the ability to bring innovation are the keys to getting released results from fashion and personal taste.
He has collaborated for over twenty five years with prestigious magazines in the nautical sector as the author of critical articles and technical disclosure.


PR | Communication

Consolidated experience in professional consulting in the brand design and integrated communication industry. The direct contact with the customer and knowledge of business strategies enable her to develop, design and plan personalized communication projects, brand architecture and brand identity, managing and coordinating the entire business activities.

In addition, during her professional career, she has gained significant experience in sales outlets in Italy, in the food and beverage sector with the role of manager and supervisor, taking full care of the start-up phase.

Curious and passionate about marketing and business communication, both individually and in a team, she carries out communication activities ranging from the corporate, product and digital press office to the design, organization, realization and coordination of events such as: Press conference, press-day, open day, inaugurations of flagship stores, cultural events, round tables, team building, gala dinners, guerrilla marketing.
She is a member of the Lombaria register of Journalists since 2003.